About us.

About us.

With television and social media being at the forefront of modern society, THE CHAMP CAMP realized that although much information exists online and media depictions of various careers, there is no, and will never be, a replacement for in person interaction between respected career professionals and teenagers who crave information. THE CHAMP CAMP aims;


  • To give our youth in high school the chance to talk to professionals in various career paths
  • To speak to them about daily activities of each of these professions
  • To show them the different obstacle and requirements necessary to accomplish on each road
  • Expose them to different mentorship, internship, & observership opporutnity across the spectrum
  • Teach them various interpersonal skills on communication and behaviour not taught in books
  • Motivate them to develope further critical thinking & interpersonal skills
  • To give them the opportunity to speak openly to their community leaders in order to learn more about their respective fields

November 21st, 2019

Nov 21, 2019