Champs Meet- Thurs 04/07/2016

Date published: Apr 07, 2016


At 6:45 pm on April 8th, 2016, we kicked off the second meeting of The Champ Camp. Over 15 high schoolers attended dressed in their best business attire. 


As they entered, the students chose to sit next to the familiar faces. Towards the end of the meeting, Mr. Usmani asked everyone to count off from 1 to 3, assigning each student a number. This exercise grouped them into a new arrangement so that they could work in a new environment, simulating a real life situation. 


The students were asked to contemplate the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Each group performed a skit exemplifying these terms and what it meant in the workplace.


Later, the speaker, Dr. Farrukh Sair, discussed a day in the life of a anesthesiologist. He explained that the best part of his job was to take away people's pain. He, however, revealed that his job has high levels of stress. 


The next speakers, Lori Love and Sarah Morrison, discussed the requirements of becoming a real estate agent in North Carolina. They further shared the importance of having good credit starting from the first year of college onward.


Overall, everyone left energized, making new friends and looking forward to registering for next month's event with former NFL player London Fletcher & CEO Tehseen Dahya. We are expecting a full house!




    Champs Meet- Wed 11/01/2017 6:30pm-8:30pm


    This event had the biggest turnout ever. We had the pleasure of having very interesting speakers Robert Caldwell - President of Duke Energy Renewables and Distributed Energy Technologies, and Sarah French - Main Evening Anchor at NBC Charlotte and a two time Emmy Award winning journalist.





    Champs Meet- Wed 10/11/2017


    Our Champers were very inspired to hear from David Upchurch, one of the most succesful Real Estate Brokers in the Charlotte Area. David shared tips on vision, perseverance and Leadership. David owns three Real Estate offices and has developed a team of competitive Realtors. His life journey is admirable and full of anecdotes that made Champers reflect and laugh.The softskill practiced in this event was of smart goal setting.