Champs Meet- Fri 03/04/2016

Date published: Mar 04, 2016


Our first event took place in the beautiful setting of the Club of Longview. We had a good turnout. The kids got to hear from two speakers, Dr. Malik and Robert Engle. Dr. Malik, a pulmonologist, spoke about how to become a doctor and the wage ranges of certain medical professions. Robert Engle, CEO of a mid-size corporation, spoke about the benefits of the position. Along with this, the kids were split into groups in order to create a mock business plan if they were given one million dollars. The event wrapped up at about 8:45.


    Champ Camp - Feb 28th, 2019


    We had a pulmonolgist, Dr. Waleed and the owner of a publication company, Fabi Preslar who inspired our champers about their field. 



    15th November, 2018 Champ Camp


    This months Champ camp had an amazing speaker from Duke energy Rob Caldwell . He is in charge of the Renewables Department at Duke energy in his words “the cool stuff”.