Champs Meet- Thursday 02/15/2018 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Date published: Feb 15, 2018

The February Champ Camp started with a strong attendance from throughout Union County . Our guest speaker was NC State Senator Jeff Jackson . He began speaking to the students about his background and how he ended up public service .

Really he was more interested in hearing from the audience regarding their concerns . Students asked questions about gun violence in schools, gerrymandering , the future of employment and the impact automation will be making to the future of various industries such as cashiers , call centers and bank tellers . The employment trends are heading towards coding, business administration and having good writing skills . 

Our soft skills this month focused on being a good team player and a bad team player . Students broke up into five teams and worked with sometimes complete strangers to come up with a skit that showed these traits . One team held a business meeting and performed an improv skit. Another team showed that teamwork is important in even moving a simple chair .

Great job to all that participated.


    Champ Camp - Feb 28th, 2019


    We had a pulmonolgist, Dr. Waleed and the owner of a publication company, Fabi Preslar who inspired our champers about their field. 



    15th November, 2018 Champ Camp


    This months Champ camp had an amazing speaker from Duke energy Rob Caldwell . He is in charge of the Renewables Department at Duke energy in his words “the cool stuff”.