Champ Camp - Feb 28th, 2019

Date published: Feb 28, 2019


Our first speaker was Fabi Preslar, the owner of Spark Publications. She began her career as a graphic designer in Preslar Designs, then landed in the printing business.  She eventually became a business owner who owned the building where she incorporated Spark Publications. In 2018, the Charlotte Business Journal awarded her company the Family Business of the Year award.

Fabi is a strong believer in taking risks and even in failure, she believes you can learn important life lessons. Her business journey started with the help of a mentor who helped her mature into the business women she is today. She has authored two books - one that chronicles her journey with that mentor and the second about her business journey. Her mentor further taught her that she has great potential and that if she was willing to work, she could become anything.  According to Fabi, building your story becomes your brand. 

Overall, Fabi encouraged the students to talk about their struggles and build a strong work ethic. 

The career opportunities for a graphic designer include art director, engineer, film editor, web designer, industrial product designer, and freelance marketing work.

Our second speaker was Dr. Walid Eltaraboulsi, a pulmonologist (lung doctor). He completed his residency at Georgetown University and his Fellowship at Duke University.  He began working in the Carolina Healthcare Systems and then eventually joined Tryon Medical Associates.  He chose the medical field because he has a scientific and analytic mind and wishes to help people take care of their chronic diseases. Lastly, he wanted a career that gave him personal fulfillment and job security.

A day in the life of a pulmonologist starts early.  He usually makes hospital rounds from 7-9am and then sees patients from 9am to 5pm.  A few days each month he has meetings with medical directors.

Becoming a good physician takes hard work.  For some, it requires dedicating 7-12 years after undergrad to accomplish this goal. Good grades are essential as it can be very competitive.  Some career paths include surgery, oral, plastics, and urology, amongst others.

In order to pursue a career to become a physician, students should shadow different types of physicians. 

Finally, we ended the Champ Camp with a mile high exercise called strong work ethic.  Students divided into five teams and demonstrated the difference between good and bad work ethics.  Topics included tardiness, good attitudes, teamwork, initiative and leadership.

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Champ Camp - Feb 28th, 2019


We had a pulmonolgist, Dr. Waleed and the owner of a publication company, Fabi Preslar who inspired our champers about their field. 



15th November, 2018 Champ Camp


This months Champ camp had an amazing speaker from Duke energy Rob Caldwell . He is in charge of the Renewables Department at Duke energy in his words “the cool stuff”.