Ahmer Qasim


Mr Ahmer Qasim is a Senior Director, at Flex, a leading sketch-to-scale™ solutions company that designs and builds intelligent products for a connected world. With more than 200,000 professionals across 30 countries and a promise to help the world Live smarter™, the company provides innovative design, engineering, manufacturing, real-time supply chain insight and logistics services to companies of all sizes in various industries and end-markets.

Mr. Qasim is a recognized visionary leader in the area of technology manufacturing and innovation. He is an accomplished executive with a broad business acumen in the management of domestic and global business operations and Fortune 500 entities. He is an expert in the fields of Operations Management, Strategic Business Planning, Revenue Growth and Performace Improvement.

During his carreer, Mr. Qasim has leveraged expertise in business excellence, lean manufacturing, change management and process optimization. He has proven many times his ability to increase revenues and profitability. While in leadership positions, he has excelled in reducing costs and streamlining workflow to grow revenue and execute organizational solutions. With a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and two Master's degrees in Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Management.

Ahmer Qasim will inspire our Champers on how education and ingenuity combined with perserverance can help them accomplish a succesful carreer. He and his wife Sayera are the proud parents of two little ones: Rohin (8) and Aleeza (5).




Champs Meet- Thursday 03/15/2018 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Mar 15, 2018



Champs Meet- Thursday 04/19/2018 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Apr 19, 2018

We will be honored to have Ms. Jill Dinwiddie, Chair, Board of Directors at Planned Parenthood South Atlantic.