Champs Meet- Wed 02/08/2017

Date published: Feb 08, 2017

 The Champ Camp hosted its first monthly meet-up of 2017 at the Longview Country Club. Bringing together students from Cuthbertson, Forrest Hills, Marvin, Monroe, Parkwood, Piedmont and Porter Ridge, this month’s event emphasized the importance of good choices and self-discipline.

In this event, we had two very important speakers, Mr. Jim Rogers a long-time business and civic leader in Charlotte who has contributed to the vibrancy of Charlotte in a number of ways the past 45 years and has been recognized with multiple awards, and Mrs. Beth Troutman, an American television personality that has lead famous TV shows and is considered an industry expert. She is an inspiring woman that has been able to balance her outstanding career and lead an exciting life.

Their presentations were very interesting and engaging for the students attending the event.

Jim Rogers Presentation

 Mr. Rogers talked about his life in the Army of the United States and how serving his country made him proud and taught him how to take responsibility for his own destiny. During his presentation, the Champs listened carefully to very useful advice and tips from this important Charlotte business man and entrepreneur, like a list of qualities:

ü  Know the difference between right and wrong choices, that will be the difference between being successful or not.

ü  Spend some time deciding where you want to go in life and what you want to accomplish. Always be conscious about your reputation and your integrity, these will follow you for the rest of your life.

ü  Study all that you can, do not underestimate the value of learning, it will always help you become a wiser person and make better choices to achieve your goals in life, personal and professional.

ü  Always keep an eye on the prize, it will motivate you and you will have that in mind when faced with choices to make. Know your priorities.

ü  Good habits are important, especially those regarding self-discipline. An immediate reward might seem like a good choice sometimes, engage in self-discipline often to avoid making bad choices.

ü  Seek and find solutions to obstacles that might present themselves into your life. This will help you in your personal life and in business.

ü  Be social, and develop relationships. These days, kids spend too much time looking at their phones and miss the opportunity to relate to people around them.  Cultivating personal relationships in business will help you achieve all your goals.



Beth Troutman Presentation

Mrs. Troutman had some slides that engaged the Champs in a very interesting presentation about perspective in life and how bad experiences in life can be transformed into learning experiences. Beth Troutman told stories about her life in school, her career in the media and in politics, and how her private life influenced her choices. She explained to our Champs the importance of following their hearts and holding their priorities in place.

Some of the best advice given during her presentation was:

ü  Do not have a plan “B” because you will end up using it. Having a plan “B” is the first time you allow the idea of failure to creep in.

ü  Follow your dreams and don’t give up, listen to your intuition and do not be afraid to ask the right questions and taking risks. Opportunities in your career and personal path will only come once.

ü  Learn to laugh at yourself, don’t take everything so seriously because sometimes it is just healthier to laugh at your failures.

ü  If you are presented with an opportunity: “Go for it!”. Make the cold calls, ask for the job, dress for the interview, be professional and always try your best.

ü  Understand the value of humility. Life will show you how to be humble, be prepared for it.

ü  Work hard and have fun at the same time. You will most likely end up in a leadership position, keep in mind that a fun environment to work in will produce a good product.

ü  Always listen to your heart, your family and your loved ones. They will always come first.

ü  Approach any decision you make with love and kindness, everything else becomes just junk.

ü  Changing the world does not happen at a large scale, it happens when you change the heart of every person you meet, with love and kindness.


After the presentation, the students had the opportunity to ask any questions about the speakers and then followed with a group exercise to promoto team work, good choices and self discipline.

Thank you to all that attended our event and see you next time!




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