Champs Meet- Wed 11/02/2016

Date published: Nov 02, 2016

The Champ Camp hosted its second monthly meet-up for the fall on November 2 at the Longview Country Club. Bringing together students from Marvin, Cuthbertson, Ardrey Kell, and Providence High, this month’s event emphasized self-awareness and teamwork. 


Donna Cook, principal of Marvin High School, was the keynote speaker for the evening. Mrs. Cook, who had served as an elementary school principal for 21 years prior to becoming a high school administrator, began her career as a North Carolina Teaching Fellow from UNC Charlotte. She chose to pursue education as a career at a very early age; Mrs. Cook mentioned that she knew early on that teaching was her calling. However, Mrs. Cook emphasized the importance of understanding the realities of her profession. She reminded students to ask themselves before embarking on a career path, “Do you feel that it is your calling? That it is your natural aptitude? That it excites you so much?” Mrs. Cook ended her presentation with a poignant note about the importance of having an understanding family, particularly when pursuing a demanding career such as teaching. 



Following Mrs. Cook’s presentation, participants engaged in a series of activities that emphasized self-reflection and working with others. The high schoolers took the Color Personality Test, which matched them with a color -- red, blue, green, or yellow -- that mostly closely conformed with their personalities. Following the test, attendees broke into four groups comprised of members representing different personalities and were tasked with creating a skit that would demonstrate the best ways people with different traits could work with each other in a professional environment. Participants took away a clearer idea of how to meaningfully engage with distinct personalities while minimizing conflict in a work setting. 

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