Champs Meet- Thurs 05/05/2016

Date published: Apr 08, 2016

On May 5, 2016, we had the third monthly meeting of The Champ Camp. The event inspired the kids to move, do better, try harder and achieve more. 

The first speaker was the NFL Superbowl Champion, London Fletcher. He spoke of his humble beginnings. He was inspired at the young age of 15 to change his fate but working hard and staying motivated. London was a free agent that was drafted into the NFL and became the Rookie of the Year which led him to the Superbowl twice. London attributes his successes to the differences between winners and loser. According to him, winners have attention to detail, are committed and never settle with anything but excellence, while losers act complacent, selfish, lazy. 

The second speaker was Tehsin Dayha. He immediately started with a homework assignment. He told everyone to write a MISSION in order to aim high, have a plan, execute the plan and do it with passion. This exercise exemplified the cornerstone of his journey in becoming a successful businessman. With the idea in mind that "If you aim high, you succeed even when you fail," he retold his journey of failures and success amidst the Internet boom and software licensing. 

 We later explored the difference between busy and productive people and how to become the latter. 

 Overall, the kids enjoyed both speakers as well as the activity leading this to be a successful third event.


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