Champs Meet- Wed 10/12/2016

Date published: Oct 12, 2016

Champ Camp, October 2016: Networking 


The Champ Camp hosted its first monthly meetup for the fall on October 12 at the Longview Country Club. With over 30 attendees, the event focused on building networking and communication skills. 

John Tighe, the President and CEO of Arrowpoint Insurance, was the first keynote speaker for the evening. He underscored the importance of honing communication skills, particularly listening and writing. Tighe urged participants to learn to be able to “hear the unspoken word,” and gave examples of how listening well could positively impact one’s career. Tighe also explained the need for self-reflection, highlighting that the majority of successful individuals could point to a situation where they had been fired or passed over for a position and ask themselves, “What could I have done differently?” He closed his presentation with an emphasis on honing self-awareness, learning to listening and understand all sides of a problem, and developing an insatiable desire to consistently improve oneself. 

Mark Steber, the Chief Tax Officer for Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, served as the second and final speaker for the event. Steber advised participants on how to make the best career decisions for themselves. “Pick wisely,” he stated, “Ask yourself three main questions: What are you good at? What do you like? And finally, where are the jobs?” He recommended students have a solid backup plan, be the best at what they do, and start as early as possible. In closing, Steber encouraged students to “start early, stay late, and over-prepare.” 

Participants were also given opportunities to practice the advice they heard during the event. The high schoolers participated in quick icebreaker that tested listening skills, and then broke into two teams, headed by Tighe and Steber, to practice networking. In their teams, participants created skits illustrating effective and ineffective ways to network. Participants took away a clearer idea of how to meaningfully engage and communicate in professional settings.


The next Champ Camp event will be held on November 2, 2016.



October 12, 2016 

Longview Country Club 


John Tighe

• “Hear the unspoken word”

• Emphasis on communication, esp. Listening and writing skills

• Think about situations and ask yourself, “where in that situation did I being to rationalize?” ← understand those points because that is how you get better

• Common traits in successful people: all/majority could point to a situation in which they had been fired or passed over for a promotion and could ask themselves, “what could I do differently?”

• Think about who you are

• Develop “-isms” -- what will define you? What do you want people to say about you?

• “Dignity is free” -- emphasis on being grounded

• Example: tells story about how at 15, asked to fire a co-worker, had no idea why → uses this story as a litmus test to gauge how people will react -- will they show empathy and respect for dignity? 

• Importance of civic engagement and activity

• Find a mentor in college

• Top 3 points: 1) Listen and understand all sides; 2) develop self awareness; 3) insatiable desire to get a little better


Mark Steber

• Making better choices

• Living well is not an accident

• Frank advice: better money management is key to making more money

• Top/Winner Fields: 1) Law, 2) Business, 3) Accounting, 4) Medicine, 5) Sports and Entertainment; 6) Death Services

• Engage in active listening 

• College juniors and seniors: you have less than 700 days to plan for the next 1400 days (college) which will prepare you for the next 40 years

• Major points:

A. Pick wisely!

1. What are you good at? (even if you hate it, give it some consideration)

2. What do you like?

3. Where are the jobs? (be a visionary -- what can I do that won’t get me fired in 10 years?)

4. Identify an industry of latitude -- just in case you need to shift

    B. Don’t go into accounting! (But save it as a back-up plan)

1. Accounting is a good fall back

2. Good to have a back up plan because it helps you manage your life better

3. Back up plan makes the primary plan better

4. Make good choices -- avoid having to do recovery for choices

    C. Be good at what you do!

1. Excellence is a rare commodity

2. People look for the best in the field

D. Start early!

• Top 3 points: 1) start early; 2) stay late; 3) overprepare


Participant Networking Skits -- how to network effectively

Team Tighe vs. Team Steber


Team Steber -- 

• Active listening

• Make it personal

• Eye Contact -- look them in the eyes!

• Avoid humor

• Professional Demeanor -- be ready!

• Don’t Be Shy

• Be clear and concise

• Be prepared

• Be relatable

• Speak loud and clear

• Professional attire



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