Champs Meet- Thursday 12/13/2017 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Date published: Dec 13, 2017

The December 13 champ camp started on time with enthusiastic students from many high schools in union county and beyond assembled for the last session of 2017 .Our speakers also came prepared with personal stories and business anecdotes from their life experiences.

Our first speaker was Edie Blanton CCIM. He is the president and a commercial real estate expert. He shared with the students some great business practices. First off he told all to silence their phones and place them away or upside down in a pile. Eddie claimed if you can’t give me 30 minutes of undivided attention -then he must not be important enough. He also talked about KLT rule. In order to do business you must “know me”, “like me “and “trust me”. Eddie also personally greeted each student with his business card facing the person receiving it. The presentation included market trends from the 1970s to the present day. He claimed because of companies like amazon warehouse leasing is at a all time high. From humble beginnings he gave students hope to excel and pursue their dreams.


The second speaker Dr . Sharon Portwood is a Professor of Psychology at UNCC. She also has a law degree from the University of Texas .


Dr. Portwood talked about the good bad and ugly of her path that led to her final career as a professor . She claimed the good are the things you share on your resume .The bad are the mistakes you make along the way like trusting the wrong people and not asking the right questions. The ugly is all the things that come along the way like working with difficult people and asking a mentor 10 years ahead of you advice but not active listening . When you meet people more experienced just listen and let them talk. She has further written several books and papers that awarded grants from various sources.


It was all made possible because of great support from union county schools including superintendent Dr John Houlihan, Dr William Breedlove, Tanya Manus, Dr Charles Foust, and Jennifer garner.


Finally, champ camp concluded with the soft skill of time management. Five groups discussed what kind of time manager they are on scale of 1 to 10. The importance to prioritize and not procrastinate. Lastly a story about Charles Schwarb was shared. A person approached him and claimed he could quadruple his sales. He said tell your sales staff to write 6 things the night before to do the next day. They did and it worked! Happy 2018 to all




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