David Seroy


David was born and raised in San Francisco, California. In 2012, he graduated from the University of Arizona and received a degree in Management Information Systems. Directly out of college, David joined the largest consulting firm in the world, Deloitte & Touché. At Deloitte, David spent several years performing an assortment of consulting projects, which took him to over fifteen countries across the world. Through Deloitte, David gained extensive international experience and direct exposure to some of the most pressing issues facing the largest companies in the world. 


After his time at Deloitte, David decided to pursue his dreams as an entrepreneur.  Currently, David is the Founder and & CEO of Old North Capital Fund, LLC. Old North Capital is an investment fund that focuses on providing private loans for real estate investors within North Carolina. Ultimately, David hopes to leverage his business to create win-win relationships, that not only create tremendous value for those involved, but can also be parlayed into further value through philanthropy.