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Dr. Syed Malik



Dr. Syed Malik Dr. Malik graduated from the Dow Medical College, Karachi, Pakistan in 1988. He works in Anderson, SC and specializes in Pulmonary Medicine and Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine. Dr. Malik is affiliated with AnMed Health Medical Center and AnMed Health Women’s & Children’s Hospital.


Dr. Malik participated in the Champ Camp meeting to inspire our youngsters on what it takes to become a medical professional, as well as sharing some anecdotes on how becoming a doctor is a way of finding happiness through helping others and solving complex problems every day.


He started by describing his typical day and how he interacted with his team and his patients. Participants had questions answered about what are the steps to becoming a successful doctor in the USA and were very curious about the challenges and all the advice he could give them.


This session was very interesting and fun, Dr. Malik shared some of his favorite quotes with the attendees:


“Your beliefs become your thoughts.
Your thoughts become your words.
Your words become your actions.
Your actions become your habits.
Your habits become your values.
Your values become your destiny”
-          Mahatma Gandhi


Dr. Malik finished by giving our future professionals valuable advice:


- Choose Medicine for the right reasons


- Have a Mentor


- Study/Work Hard/Volunteer


- Stay Focused


- Have a longer-term vision. This is a marathon, not a short sprint.


- Remember that journey to your goal may the best part of the entire experience