Fabi Preslar


Five Fun Facts


  • Fabi moved to Charlotte by herself at age 17. She knew no one and had no money and no car. She enrolled at CPCC to become a graphic designer and worked three jobs to support herself.
  • She launched her firm as a home-based, solo, lifestyle company. Twenty years later, she has a super-talented staff creating great client work in a building that she owns.
  • As a child, English was her second language.
  • Her signature colors are purple and orange.
  • She knows firsthand how difficult luncheon events can be for introverts and those who live with food allergies and sensitivities. So when she host events, she always offers opportunities for people to meet each other and options for people with the most common allergies.


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Fabi Preslar is the owner and president of SPARK Publications, a national, award-winning, custom design firm specializing in niche magazines and independently published books. Her firm’s publications enhance credibility and distinction – enabling individuals and organizations to thrive and excel.  Preslar was named 2017 Woman Business Owner of the Year by the National Association of Women Business Owners – Charlotte Chapter, and the firm was honored as the 2018 First-Generation Family Business of the Year by the Charlotte Business Journal.


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Fabi Preslar, owner and president of SPARK Publications, is a leader in small business ownership. She is the author of The Fabulous F Words of Business Ownership: Redefining Choice Words to Fuel Your Small Business. Fabi openly shares stories of fear, failure, and fatigue while also challenging the audience to focus, have faith, and flourish. She launched her original business as home-based and solo to be home with her family. After 20 years of owning her profitable creative firm that specializes in custom design for magazines, catalogs and independently published books for national clients, her wisdom is well earned. Fabi is an award-winning business owner and well-respected entrepreneur, and she includes her daughter and her husband (of 32 years) as part of her growing team of talented professionals.