Norm George

Norman George is a Coca-Cola executive who has a 40 year career track with the company. Before beginning his career, he attended the University of Texas at Austin and obtained his Business Administration degree. Afterwards, he obtained his Masters of Business Administration at Queens University in Charlotte, NC. He started as an entry level employee in San Antonio for Coca-Cola moving to be the Sales Manager in Dallas, Texas. When Coca-Cola consolidated, Norman relocated to Greensboro, NC as a Sales Manager. He then became the Division VP in Mobile, Alabama and later in Charlotte, North Carolina. Norman became the Senior VP of Marketing, later to be the Chief Marketing and Customer Officer which resulted in $4 billion in revenue. He is also president of BYB Brands (subsidiary). Lastly, Norman became the Senior VP of Brand Building and Sales in the North American Division of Coca-Cola. 


Norman is involved with many Boards and Councils as his civic affiliation. In the past, he has sat on the Board of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Athletic Foundation and the Urban League of Central Carolinas as well as the past President of Charlotte Catholic Foundation. He currently serves as a Board Member of the Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage.