Robert Engle


Robert Engle is the President & CEO of Otto Environmental Systems North America, Inc

In his position as president, Engle brings with him a consistent record of accomplishments growing companies through the development of new channels. 

A hands-on, innovative leader who focuses on operational excellence and continuous improvement throughout an organization, as the foundation for cost and

quality competitiveness as well as exceptional customer service and satisfaction. Is passionate about being at the leading edge of new product development and

believes in differentiation through the creation of systems and solutions that address customers' specific needs. Offers a broad range of skills in managing and re-

engineering business processes for companies, especially those in transition. Has extensive experience in managing and developing multi-cultural and international

teams in both sales and operations. A diverse background in both short and long cycle businesses, including Food, Produce, Electronics, Chemical, and Plastics from

50 million to 1.6 billion in sales.