Tehseen Ali Dahya


Tehseen is a serial entrepreneur who has created several companies including Eastern Medical and Surgical which he started as an MBA student at the University of the South Carolina in 1995.   He grew this company to becoming the largest independent medical supply company in South Carolina prior to selling it to Henry Schein in 2007.  During that time he also started HealthNet an Internet based register service for healthcare providers which he stated in 1996 and sold in 1997 to the Palmetto Health Alliance.  In 1997 he cofounded Verian Technologies a Software company focused on helping organizations gain cost control over their purchasing and accounts payable function.  During the past 15 years he has grown that company from a garage operation to becoming recognized by Gartner the top IT analyst firm as the Best 5 solutions providers globally in 2015 and 2016.  Recently he sold the company to Basware Corporation out of Finland.  Currently Tehseen is General Manager of North American operations for Basware