Our Team

Our Team

THE CHAMP CAMP selects speakers and mentors who are passionate about creating a better world for our youth. By collectively working to assist teens and young adults, our speakers are committed to making sure that each individual who attends our seminars walks away learning the tools necessary to move forward in whatever professional aspirations they may have.


These guest speakers will interact with youth and answer questions. Their presentation will be geared toward walking the audience through “a day in their life” so youth can total grasp what it takes to be in that profession. You can say, we want the youth to have a “sneak preview” of the future at an early age with many of successful career choices so they can formulate a decisive mind about what they want to do BEFORE the enter college. From time to time, we may bring in high profile individuals to speak to our youth over Skype. We want our kids to experience success and great mentors at an early age. 


BUT, we don’t stop there.


We’ll create 1-on-1 mentorship and internship opportunities to interested individuals with these business professionals



Mr Najam Usmani

Najam has a comprehensive leadership background. He managed combined assets and revenues of more than $100 million. He has hired, trained, and influenced over 2700 employees in a 25-year entrepreneurial career.


Mrs Farah Usmani

Farah is a philanthropist and HR administrator, in that order. I like to give my time to women empowerment causes.


Mrs Jessica Garner

Jessica Garner is in her 22nd year as an educator. She works in Union County, NC as the Director of College Readiness. She previously served as a professional development lead for the NC Department of Public Instruction, a District Curriculum coordinator, and as a Spanish and English Language Arts teacher.


Ms Samantha Pelles

Samantha Pelles is a Varsity cheerleader and journalism page editor at Sun Valley High School. As a junior, she is involved in many clubs such as National Honors Society, Student Council, Green Team, and American Sign Language Club.